Saturday, May 12, 2012

Velcro Baby

I'm back and tired as ever!  Our little easy-going happy guy has become a little high maintance, okay a lot high maintance!  Why I was ever worried he wasn't going to attach is beyond me...he is velcro baby!  He basically wants me to hold him all the time!  If I put him down he whines and puts his arms up saying "up"  So my biceps are gaining definition and toning up...that's the biggest perk to all this.  He will play with Libby for a few minutes, play with Chris for a while, but he always finds his way back to me.  Operation attachment = Successful! 

Ty loves our standard American little kid songs.  His favorite was The Eency Weency Spider, but now we have moved onto Pat-a-Cake.  He puts his hands out to be hit and then he just giggles and smiles.  Although he still only has 2 English words he is catching on to so many things. He understands some things, especially "NO"...poor kid hears that a million times a day.  I asked him if he needed a new diaper and he came over to me and layed down...I was amazed, he totally understood what I said.  I actually think he knows the word "diaper" cuz he gets a new one many times a day... I hate wet diapers on babies!

We have been dealing with quite an odeal with his digestive system lately.  He has been so constipated ever since we got custody of him.  After many awful days and nights of pain we finally got this under control.  We give him MiraLAX in his bottle and it has really helped.  I'm also making his bottles half milk/half water now.  It's the only way I can get water in him...tricky me!  Next feat, getting him to drink out of anything other than a bottle!  This kid loves his bottles...and they have to be his Korean ones.  I guess he has to hold onto a few things that comfort him from his life in Korea. 

I have been so far removed from baby things for so long I have forgotten about all the little things that occur in the first two years of life.  TEETHING!  Poor Ty is teething big time.  Not sure which teeth, but some teeth are coming in and causing him pain.  His whinning and fussing is due to the pain he is feeling.  The last few nights he has been waking a few times in what seems like pain.  It's so hard to know what is bothering him when he can't talk.  I remember these days from Libby and am so glad she can now commuicate what is bothering her!  Hoping these teeth come in soon so we can have our happy, easy-going guy back!

This morning, after our daily walk with Reggie, Ty and I went for a bike ride.  Do you remember when I told you he could fall asleep anywhere?  Well, about 5 minutes into our ride I felt a thud on my back.  I turned around to see Ty's head smack dab on me...He was sound asleep!  I was like, "NO, not yet it's only 10:30!"  I tried to wake him up, NO WAY he was not getting up.  Oh well, I had to give into the fact that my daily schedule was not going to work and that Ty needed his sleep.  What this means is that once he gets up, at about 12:00 we will have a very long day ahead of us...I will  have a child velcroed to me for about 7 hours. 

So, I have heard that boys eat more than girls but I had no idea how much more!  This kid eats more for breakfast then Libby eats all day!  This morning, 8 mini-pancakes, a pouch of applesause, half of a FiberOne bar, and some Strawberries.  Libby had the other half of the FiberOne bar and she was full! Ty currently weighs 26 lbs. and Lib weights 38 lbs.  I bet you within one year he weighs more than her!  :) The sad thing is  I hate to grocery shop but it looks like I will be spending a lot of time at Krogers. 

Today I am planning on picking up Libby from school.  Last night we wrapped gifts for all her wonderful teachers to honor them for Teacher Appreciation Week.  We love our teachers and thank them for all they do.  All you teachers out there... Thanks for teaching, guiding, and loving our kids! 

We have been busy doing many things...
1.  Having friends visit
2.  Going to BBQ's
3.  Going to Soccer games
4.  Running around outside
5.  Teaching Ty all the sports we love
6.  Spending tie together as a family
6.  Going to Laurel Park Mall, mom needs to shop and Ty gets to play at the little play place

 Big SIS teaching Lil' BRO
Team Work
 Lib will be on the WCCC tennis team this year!
 Future Michael Chang
 Playing at Laurel Park
Nick, our neighbor, reading with Ty
Mrs. Erika and G hangin' with Ty
 Uncle Jon, Aunt Jill, Karlie and Grandpa... Ty loves his Grandpa!
 Ty watching Lib play soccer
Lib is about to kick the ball to start the game.  GO BRAZIL!
2 goals and an assist

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