Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Great News

Like my teaching partner says... the adoption process changes as quickly as the weather in Michigan!  Today we got an email saying that the Ministry will start issusing EP's next week!  Of course I'll believe it when I see it, but I'm hopeful and staying optimistic! Ty could be our spring blossom!  Sad yesterday...happy today!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Make a Wish

Lately we have been eating a lot of rotisserie chicken, and that's eating good in our house.  Anyway, everytime Chris carves the bird he puts the wish bone aside to dry out.  The next day either Chris and Lib or Me and Lib square off to see who gets the bigger side.  We always make our wish, then say 1..2..3 pull!  Whoever wins gets their wish.  What's funny is that we figured out that we are all wishing for the same thing...Ty to come home!  Lib is so cute, she says "what did you wish for mom?"  I just smile and she says, "Me too!"  How cute that a 5 year old wishes for her brother to come home and not for some silly toy...love that kid!

We heard from our agency today that the Ministry is still quite conflicted with the new adoption laws in Korea.  While they try to sort them out they are not giving out Emmigration Permits, thus no kids are being sent home yet.  Holt is meeting with the Ministry on Wednesday, so hopefully we will know something soon.  I really was sad today...I really can't put my feelings into words, just sad about this news! 

Here is something that makes me happy, spending time with family and friends.  We went up north skiing, sledding and skating with our dear friends from Chicago.  Lib skied for the first time ever.  She went to ski school for 2 hours and within an hour on the hill was a better skier than me!  She has no fear and just loves winter sports.  I love skiing, but I also love spending time in the lodge drinking coffee by the fire. 

 Up north skating... notice the new skates with green and white laces (GO STATE)
 A little sledding on a bright sunny day
 Me and my gal
 Fun in Indian River with the Vaughn's
A little strole around the rink

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Step in the Right Direction...

Today we took a step in the right direction!  We got news from our agency that Ty has an appointment for his visa medical next Thursday,  February 16th.  What does this mean?  We think it means if they are sending him for his visa medical appointment, they are thinking he will be in the next group of kids submitted to the ministry!  We are hopeful that this is all going to go down sooner than later.  The process could move pretty quick from here.  If he is submitted in the next few weeks, he could be approved by the end of February or mid-March.  Once approved we can travel to get him!!! 
Pray everyone... Ty could be here for Spring!!!