Monday, March 26, 2012

Ministry Submission and Approval

Okay, so I've been MIA for awhile now.  I have a good excuse... I forgot my password and it has taken me 3 weeks to sort it all out!  If I can't keep my passwords straight, how in the world am I going to manage a toddler and a 5 year old? 

March 5th:  Ty got submitted for Ministry Approval
March 26th (today):  Ty got approved!

So not what?  basically he will get his visa appointment and then we will get a travel call.  They are saying anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks.  I'm going to guess it will be on the longer end...just a hunch with Korea's history! ... But now I need to get my butt in order.  Pack, prepare, maybe learn a little Korean!  I'm a gal that works better under pressure, so now I'll motivate!  Hopefully my next post will be a picture of Ty in our arms!