Monday, June 4, 2012

Memorial Day, Work, Birthdays and FUN!

Memorial Day weekend was a blast.  We worked in the yard, spent time at the pool and had a cookout at our friends house.  Our friends live on a small lake in Northville and this lake is seriuosly full of fish!  Every time someone casted a line they had a bite within seconds, no joke!  Lib caught her first fish... a walleye! 

As usual Ty was easy going and enjoyed hanging with everyone and even going in the water, but only up to his knees.  (If you know me you know I hate fish and I'm not a big fan of lakes... so there was no chance I was stepping foot in a lake full of fish!)

Ty and his ladies

Pool Pictures...

I have been officially back to work for a week and a day!  It has been tiring and relaxing all in one.  I love having my time with my Kinders but I miss Ty and Lib while I'm there.  The good news is that Ty is adjusting to my working quite nicely and I only have 7 days left til summer vacation!!!! Last week with his daddy went great...good bonding time for them.  He is staying with my mom this week and having lots of fun being spoiled by Mimi!

We had a big weekend...Libby Lu turned 6 on June 2nd.  She opted for a Soccer themed party following her soccer game.  Family and friends came over and we enjoyed some good food, beverages, and cake and ice cream.  I don't know how Libby does it but every year I say I'm not having a big party and every year it turns out big.  This year we had face painting, tattoos, a pinata and fireworks!  Libby only wanted 3 things for her birthday... Hex bugs, Bey Blades, and Target gift cards to go towards buying a Nintendo 3DS (not your typical girl gifts)  She got all of the above and was at Target on June 3rd buying her 3DS. 

 Leopard Libby
 This is suppose to be a soccer ball cake... ????
 Lib and the gang
 Make a wish
 Grandpa feeding Ty cake and ice cream

Next day playing 3DS

Every year with the celebration of Libby's birthday also comes the reminder that Libby had a twin sister, Katherine.  We like to make a trip to the cemetary on Memorial day weekend to remember Katherine.  We always take her flowers and a little trinket.  This year we took her a flag and put it in the ground by the 2006 memorial plate where her ashes are buried.  Libby always has tons of question about her sister and we have always been very open and honest with her.  We love and miss you baby Kate!
 Libby hugging the angel that watches over the babies

How sweet is this?  Priceless

Ty updates...
New words:  Amy, ibby (for Libby), ouch, Hi

Ty took a big fall about a week ago.  On my watch, oops, he was playing in his Coup Car and some how he managed to tip it and land on his face.  His nose took the brunt of the fall and he had a mean scab for about a week.  He has since peeled the scab off and has a scar there.  We are using aloe, vitamin E and lots of sunscreen to prevent permanent scaring, fingers crossed. 

Still happy though

Let's see, Ty is now calling me Amy instead of Mama.  This started Memorial Day weekend and he's still at it.  It's cute but I want to be his Mama!  I guess he was so used to hearing everyone call me Amy that he figured that's what I'll call her too, makes sense to me!

Ty does this super sweet thing at naptime and bedtime.  When I give him his bottle of milk he walks over to me, turns around putting his back to me and backs up.  He waits for me to pick him up in a cradle hold and walk upstairs for his sleep time routine.  It is adorable seeing him do this... but, the kicker is he only does this for me...I guess it's our little thing!!! 


 Ty got a job at the local grocery store answering the phone

 I caught you being a girl Libby... I knew you had it in you!

Lazy day

Just like Daddy... watching golf while he works!

How sweet is this... night night sweet babies!!!