Monday, September 26, 2011

33 months and counting...

The biggest question we get asked these days is, "When will you get to bring Tyler home?"  Our answer varies depending on our mood, but mostly we say, "We have no idea, hopefully within the next 6 months!"  I feel like we have been saying that for the past year.  So, all this got me to thinking, just how long have we been in this process of adopting a child...the answer is 33 months and counting!!!  IT'S NOT SUPPOSE TO TAKE THIS LONG!!!  

Every year I go on a trip with me college roommates.  Each year we pick a different location and all go for a long weekend.  Last year, while we were in Fort Meyers Beach Florida, I told the girls I would not be going the next year because of the adoption.  I KNEW (silly me)  that our child would be here and the thought of leaving him that soon just wouldn't have felt right!  Well guess what, I'm leaving Thursday night for our annual girls trip, heading to NYC!  Don't get me wrong, I'm excited I'd just rather have been spending the weekend with our little Ty guy! 

On Friday we got 3 more adorable pictures of Ty...such a little man.  He is currently 13 months old, weights 21.8 lbs., and is 30 inches long.  He has 2 top teeth, 3 bottom and a smile that will melt your heart.  My teaching partner tells me his smile is a sly little one and that he is going to give us a run for our money.   I say, "Bring It On!" 

13 Months old

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We finally got an updated picture of Tyler...ADORABLE!!!!  It's killing me that I can't post it because I want you all to see just how handsome he is. I just figured out how to give you a sneak peek without giving away his identity.  Here is a picture of his cute little body...

Ty is holding the ball we sent him for his first birthday!
The little truck was Libby's and she wanted him to have it.

Now we are just waiting for current medicals and hopefully some good news.  My password for this blog has 2011 in it.  I chose that thinking this would be the year we got him...let's hope I was right!

Off To Kindergarten...

On Tuesday Spetember 6th Little Miss Libby Lane waited anxiously for the bus to pick her up for her first day of Kindergarten...only problem, the bus never showed up and Libby was late for her very first day of school! :(  No worries, we swooped her up, threw her in the car and drove her as quickly as we could to school.  Chris and I walked her into her classroom, where everyone was sitting on the rug with the teacher Mrs. Brian.  Without hesitation Libby walked over to the rug, sat down, and began her Kindergarten year!  We were so proud of her...she showed us she was ready and excited to be in a big school now!  Next question, were we?...Yes we were!

 All Giddy and ready for Kindergarten!
 Cool backpack
 Reggie's job is to watch for the bus...
 Now I'm starting to contemplate this Kindergarten thing!

Waiting for the bus that never came

 Day Two...the bus finally came and Lib was so
excited to be a BIG GIRL and ride the bus!

On the second day of school they held an Open House.  We all treked up to the school and LIb got a chance to introduce us to her teacher, show us around her classroom, and show us her art work.  She was so proud to be a student at Silver Springs Elementary.  She kept saying, mom now we are both in Kindergarten.  She would point out to me all the things in her classroom that were like my classroom. 

 Lib's teacher Mrs. Brian

 Lib's artwork...this is how she sees herself

Lib's cubby at school

An Apple A Day

This hangs on the wall in the sweet!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Ty Guy

Sorry I didn't post on your 1st birthday Ty (August 27th), I was busy celebrating YOU! 

August 27th was on a Saturday and it also happened to be Libby's first hockey practice.  When I got to her practice this lady, who looked familiar, walked up and said "Hi" as if we were long lost friends.  I stood there trying to quickly come up with how I knew her.  Finally I said, "You look so familiar but I can't place how we know each other."  To my relief she was in the same boat, knew me but didn't know how.  To make a long story short we figured out we had been in a moms group long ago with our little ones and coincidently our kids were now on the same hockey team.  The reason I lead with this story is because she asked me if Libby was my youngest.  I began to tell her Libby was my oldest and that we were in the process of adopting our son who was..."OH MY, HE’S 1 TODAY" I yelled!  I think she must have thought I was crazy but at that moment I remembered it was Ty's birthday!  What a surreal feeling, having your child turn 1 and not knowing all the ins and outs of him; what he likes, what makes him laugh, what comforts him...I could go on and on but it just makes me sad!

I have waited all month for an update on Ty and some pictures of him in the #1 onesie we sent him.  Unfortunately, we have gotten neither an update nor photo.  I'm still hopeful they will come but I'm not holding my breath at this point. Our social worker Pat (love you Pat) is putting in a request for an update, hopefully that will help!

Yesterday we got word from Bethany that there will only be 4 children submitted to the Ministry for approval for the remainder of the year.  These 4 families will be submitted sometime in the next few months.  This gave me hope until I read on a little further and it said, "Families with Korean heritage will get priority."  Last I looked we have no Korean heritage in our family!  Yet another hoop to jump through to get Ty home.  Will this process ever end?!?