Thursday, July 14, 2011

Change of Plans

This past Tuesday we were suppose to go up north to my friend's cabin, however; the weather had different plans.  Due to the bad storms that came through Michigan on Monday, Jen's cabin lost power.  Try explaining to a 5 year old that her mini-vacation is cancelled.  She was not happy but rebounded after explaining all the fun things we were going to do and that we would be going to the cabin next week.  Lib took the news in stride and we went about having a fun filled week at home!  On Tuesday Jen, Alexa, and Sofie came to the pool with us.  Jen is my teaching partner and friend and just adopted Sofie from Russia in March.  She is adorable!
Jen and Sof

Lib and Sof Chillin' at the baby pool.  Lib practicing
being a big sister

Lib and Alexa in the big pool

On Wednesday morning when we woke up something invaded Libby's body because she picked out her own outfit and it was a pink tutu with a pretty little flower shirt to match!  I seriously couldn't believe it, where was my little tomboy?  The choice of outfit immediately put us into photo-shoot mode. I made Lib pose for pictures outside.  I think they are adorable, you decide for yourself...

After our photo-shoot I played tennis and then took Lib to Music in the Park in Plymouth.  Little did I know that Music in the Park is a major production.  It was insanely crowded but we managed to find a place to sit and have fun.  We walked to Jimmy Johns to get lunch and sat and ate while we listened to The Fiddlers from Saline.  Not my favorite kind of music, but they sure were talented.  In places where there are tons of kids I always find myself looking around at all the little ones and trying to figure out how old they are.  Basically I am trying to figure out what Ty is like right now at 11 months and what he will be like when he comes home at about 14-15 months (Hopefully that's not wishful thinking)

Lookin' fab at Music in the Park!
Daddy comes home on the red-eye tonight and we have a funfilled weekend plan. Welcome Home Daddy, we missed you!

Family Traditions

July has been a month of many traditions we have formed over the past few years.  It started with our Fourth of July plans.  Every year we go to the fireworks at the club, spend time swimming at the pool with family and friends, and attend the 4th of July parade at Aunt Marsha's house in downtown Northville.  Only problem was one little guy was missing this year.  The funny thing, only it's not really funny, is that I remember saying last year that our new baby would be with us next year to do all these fun things.  I really mean it when I say that Ty will definitely be with us next year... this was our last 4th without him!

Saturday night fireworks:
Lib and Reggie decked out for the 4th
Waiting of the fireworks to begin!
After the firwworks Lib had fun playing on a
golf cart with daddy!
The next day we went to our friend's house for a cookout, boat ride, and more fireworks.  We watched the fireworks from their boat in the middle of the lake.  It was amazing!

Monday morning was the parade... getting up early after a long night was hard but we managed and had a great time!
Nice reverse outfits guys...cheesy!

Our yearly family picture in Aunt Marsha's garden. 
The scarey, or good, thing is we look exactly the same every year!

Come on parade get started...We're ready with our candy bags!

Red, White, Blue and LOVE!

Hello Paws!

Shooter, the mascot for the Plymouth Whalers!
Lib and Chis love going to the Whalers games.

Lib and her buddy Sam
As you can see the 4th was a blast!  Libby loves the 4th and says every year that she wants to change her birthday to July so she can have fireworks for her birthday.  Happy Birthday America!

Last week  I attended a conference on Multi-Cultural/Multi-Racial Families.  It was held at our adoption agency and was to help educated us on how to incorporate Ty's culture into our family.  My mom attended with me since Chris was out of town on business.  Poor Chris, he had to go on a 10 day work training trip to California.  He is really missing Libby and she is definitely missing him too.  Oh, I miss you too Chris!  Anyway, while I was at the meeting I met a girl who is also adopting from Korea.  She has already been submitted to the Ministry for approval and is just waiting for her travel call.  She told me that she was submitted 7 weeks ago and still hasn't heard anything!  Are you kidding me, that means that once we get submitted its a long wait for approval...does the waiting ever end?  Oh, and I still have no idea if we will be submitted this year or have to wait til January!   This whole process is totally unbelievable.  I don't think I would believe it was this hard to adopt a child if I wasn't living it.  I'll keep you posted but don't hold your breath on hearing anything, I"m not!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy = Fun, Fun, Fun = TIRED, TIRED, TIRED!

When my friend told me to keep myself busy this summer and live it up with Libby I didn't realize just how busy my life was going to be with a 5 year old!  I feel like she has a better social life than me!  Right out of the blue I have become that mother that is running her child from one thing to another and somehow picking up a few kids here and there along the way.  I usually leave the house with Libby and end up coming home with anywhere from 1-3 more girlies.  It is so nice to see Libby developing so many new friendships and having so much fun in the process.  Yes siree...Life is good for Miss Libby Lane! 

On Wednesdy we went to the zoo with Gigi, Aunt Linda and cousin Emma.  It was such a beautiful day, great temp., sunny, and a nice breeze.  I'm not a big zoo person so it takes a really nice day to get me there and yesterday was that day!  We did the whole DINO exhibit, so cool and worth the $4.00.   

Libby, Gigi, and Emma

BIG T-Rex and Little Lib

I love my girl!

What's behind you Lib? WATCH OUT!

Watching the Rinos
Thursday was another eventful one day.  It started with tennis, then swimming, and finally a bike ride at Kensington with Aunt Kelli and Ethan.  It was beautiful riding around the lake and I was so proud of Libby and Ethan for hanging in there even after the accident!  It was hilarious but quite tramatic for the kids...essentially, Ethan accidently rode his bike into the lake.  Libby freaked out because she was so scared for him and Kelli and I laughed our As.... off!  Here are a few pictures to help bring this event to life...
You would have through Libby was the one who rode into the lake!
She was beside herself.  She loves her cousin so much!

Kelli trying to console Ethan, while laughing herself!
Aren't we model parents!?!

The scene of the accident
 Here are a few pics of the smooth part of the ride...

In training for an upcoming 20 mile ride!  :-)

Dairy Queen sweet is this?!?

Swimming with friends

Ethan and Lib
Friday was tennis for me, finally, and then swimming for Lib and a few friends.  We ended the day with 4 girls at our house.  It was great, they all played and I read my People magazine.  I have come to realize the more kids Lib has over the more time I get to myself.  
Greta, Lib and Sam, watch out boys!

Play date with friends!
So as you can see we are not sitting around this summer...I am loving Libby being 5, she's so fun!
Today we are off to the Fireworks at WCCC and then tomorrow more fireworks on our friend's lake.  This is going to be a fun filled 4th of July year Ty will be joining us for all this craziness and fun!  Happy 4th of July Ty!