Friday, May 25, 2012

Life Is Good

There are a few things that make me super happy...I would classify them as things I truly LOVE!
  • A 75* day, no humidity, and the windows in the house open for some fresh air!
  • A clear night sky
  • Laying on the grass, looking up and watching the sun shine through the trees
  • A quiet evening alone with a glass of wine or tea
  • My morning coffee watching GMA
  • Watching the excitement on a child's face when they learn to do something for the 1st time
  • The smell of a freshly bathed baby
  • Watching a baby sleep
  • A clean house!!!!
  • Flowers in bloom
  • Playing tennis
  • Reading my Nook
  • Watching the shows I DVRed
  • Watching Libby play sports
  • Listening/Watching Ty learn new words
  • Smiles and laughter
  • Cuddling with my kids
  • MY NEW FAMILY OF 4 (and Reggie too)
How lucky am I that I get to experience most of these things on a pretty regular basis?  As Libby's favorite clothing line says,  Life is Good!

Okay to the highlights of the past few weeks.  One of the coolest things happened to Libby this past weekend.  We went to downtown Northville as a family for a little outing and Libby got super lucky.  At the the local shoe store she scored 2 new pair of shoes off the sale table.  One, a cool flashy pair of water shoes, and the other a pair of Puma gym shoes for tennis.  The Puma shoes had laces, not velcro, something new for Lib.  Well what do you know, when we got home she surprised herself... she tied her own shoe for the first time!  It was so cool seeing how amazed and proud of herself she was.  She was actually in shock and had to keep showing me over and over.  I would say she can do it about 65% of the time on her own!  I loved seeing the excitement and pride she felt from learning how to tie her own shoe... the little things in life that mean so much!  Libby also started tennis this past week, and yes she wore her new shoes and tied them herself!

Ty is also learning many new things.  He knows how to wave bye-bye, wave hi, get his shoes when it's time to go outside, say "out" in addition to "up" "mama" "hi" and "bye".  His little mind is going a mile a minute and you can see that he is really beginning to understand the english language.  We fingured out the coolest thing this past week about Ty.  He is a little like a dog in that he thinks we have an invisible fence separating our yard from the road.  Whenever he walks to the end of the driveway or yard we yell "NO".  Well obviously he understands NO because he stops, looks down at the spearation line and refuses to put his foot over it.  It's as if if he did, he would get shocked!  It's so funny to watch him.  He wants to test the line but just won't... good boy!  We don't even say NO anymore, he is trained to stop!  Why is it that I paid $1200.00 to get an invisible fence put in for Reggie and he could care-a-less about the shock?  Oh well, Ty is trained and it was free!

We all know the more time we spend around someone the more we learn about them.  I have learned a lot about Ty in the past 36 days (yes we have only had him for 36 days but to me it feels like he has always been here :)  Here's a few things I know about him:
  1. He plays with his hair when he is tired
  2. He loves to cuddle
  3. He hates socks
  4. He loves music and dancing
  5. He likes to throw his food
  6. He has a belly laugh
  7. He likes to suck on things when he is tired (perferrably a tag)
  8. He likes routine and already knows his
  9. He hates a wet diaper (who wouldn't)
  10. He loves waving hi and bye to Libby school bus
  11. He is tough (usually falls and gets up without crying)
  12. He's ALL BOY!
Since my last post we have been to the zoo, park, gone on bike rides, braved eating at the club (not a wonderful expereince), gotten a family protrait (adorable), and just hung out!  We have a fun Memorial weekend ahead of swimming at the club, cookouts with friends, and getting ready for Libby Lu's 6th birthday.  Libby turns 6 next Saturday, oh my where has the time gone!?!  On Tuesday I head back to work for 2 1/2 weeks.  I need to end the year with my Kindergartners and pack up my room since my partner and I are heading to a new school next year!  Chris will be watching Ty next week and my mom will do the following week.  The last 3 days are still TBD... can't think that far ahead right now.  It's funny cuz 3 weeks ago I never would have said Ty would have been ok with me heading back to work so soon... amazing the difference in this kid in just a few short weeks.  He even stayed with our babysitter Annie for 3 hours tonight with no issues... Lib said he had tons of FUN and never cried!  Yippee... Ty is adjusting and Life is Good!
Pictures and videos speak louder than words...

Crazy Kids!
Playing Ball
 Cheesy simles guys!
Headin' out for a run...
 Watch out LPGA
 Check out the little guy in the background...

My guy
There's that BIG smile

 Getting a little daily reading in

 We really don't have time for another sport Lib...
 Ty putting in Libs bow
 No fake sleeping Lib

 Looking at the turtle at the Detroit Zoo
 Rouge River in Ford Field in downtown Northville
My morning coffee, GMA, and cuddle time with Ty and Reggie

Awww... morning teeth brushing ritual

Off to the park on the bike...

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